with information as specified below to:


+27 860 787 767



+27 11 237 4516




The Customer can log an incident to the XON Service Desk by using the following preferred methods:

  • Send e-mail with information as specified below to:;
  • Share call no. +27 860 787 767 (Direct);
  • or Via telephone or fax: Landline no. (+2711) 237 4500 - ask for helpdesk Fax. No. (+2711) 314 0260 - please mark fax 'Attention: Helpdesk'
  • To gain access to the XON Service Management Portal, send an email to with the following user information: Name and surname, email address, contact number, company, physical address, country. You will receive an email notification if your request is approved and access has been granted.
  • and Detailed description of problem – include any error codes, error messages, action already taken by user to resolve, previous incidents logged for this error, etc.

For after-hours escalations please call the Helpdesk directly.

GM-Services Contact Details:

Any enquiries can be forwarded to the GM-Services – Pierre vd Merwe on 083 555 5080 or

For the Specialised Services Division:

More detailed information:

The XON Services Division manages the after sales services. This includes functions such as the  complete procurement lifecycle and supporting the overall business by providing timely and cost effective procurement of equipment, commodities, supplies and services needed to support the operations of XON and its clients while maximising contract opportunities for private sector businesses.

The Advanced Support team consists of a group of highly skilled engineers. This is exciting for XON as it gives us the opportunity to build a strong support team within XON and to cross skill our capable resources. It gives us the opportunity to better serve our customers, whether they are internal or external. By allocating highly skilled advanced support engineers to each logged incident, we ensure that client requests are managed throughout the incident lifecycle by a dedicated skilled professional. 

The National Services Team is looking after all contractual Service Level Agreements (SLA) for ALL divisions within XON. They are responsible for all aspects of maintaining SLA’s including, SLA reporting, time and material related to the incident and service improvement ensuring all Networking and Infrastructure incidents are managed properly. This team closely Interfaces with the customer and regularly measures services to ensure compliance to SLA metrics.

The Transition Management Team also known as the “pre-sales” team gets involved at the BID/RFQ stage of any opportunity to ensure that the services component of ALL completed requests for services can actually be delivered by the Specialised Services team. This function involves making sure that the right resources that will be needed to comply with the BID/RFQ are available within the divisions.

Finally the Transition Team has to ensure that XON has a legal SLA document that complies with the BID/RFQ and that it supports the services.

The XON Service Administration team is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the entire process of the solution deployment is managed in accordance with the goals of the business.  This entails managing the quotations between XON partners and Clients and the scheduling of most business activities, completing all relevant paperwork and ensuring all invoicing is completed. This function supports the fulfillment team who are responsible for handling the administration burden, building the “As Built” documentation and preparing for sign-off. The project cost is also finally calculated by ensuring all relevant costs are correctly captured against projects. This Team is also responsible for the logistics function of the division and manages the storage, distribution, warehousing, movement of goods from one place to another (import and export), tracking and delivery of goods. It includes a complete process of planning, managing, controlling and coordination to make sure that the goods reach the right place, at the right time, at the right cost and in the right condition.

Our state of the art Network Operations Centre (NOC) offers services to our clients with a primary focus to supplement customers' existing Network and IT resources by managing 24/7 infrastructure uptime and performance. The XON NOC works closely with the 24/7 Service Desk and provides monitoring and support that helps customers achieve:

  • Minimum reduction in downtime,
  • Rapid resolution of incidents with 24/7/365 support scenario,
  • Increased end-user and customer satisfaction, and
  • Increased job satisfaction from the IT support and fulfillment staff.

The XON NOC solutions help to accelerate resolution of network, system and application failures as well as provide detailed management information to benchmark network and system performance and perform root cause analysis on on-going problems.

The Fulfillment team maintains a core team who have a range of certifications and skills to ensure they can professionally handle all the Implementations and solutions that are not part of the PMO. All certifications and qualifications are kept current and XON often assists clients in establishing in-house standards that comply with industry standards. This is a short description with a huge responsibility.

XON's engine room's services are critical to every division in the business which necessitates a client relationship with each and every one of them. The division facilitates these relationships by employing the most advanced technical support personnel the industry has to offer to deliver world class preventative and corrective maintenance activities.