Thomas Lee

Divisional Head/GM

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Cloud services
+27 82 386 6975

XON Cloud Computing

Cloud computing services enable you to:

  • Move from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure model for your core information technology infrastructure.
  • Benefit from the proliferation of web-based applications (for any operating system) that are replacing traditional client-server applications.
  • See your internal IT team focusing on innovation and user experience instead of dealing with the mundane tasks of day-to-day IT system management.
  • Enjoy the convenience of services that scale and change with your business requirements. It really is possible thanks to the move towards everything-as-a-services (XaaS), including software, back-ups and recovery.
  • Improve operational efficiency and drive costs down. As business leaders are realising the benefits of leveraging the economies of scale that cloud providers can offer, more and more companies are adopting a “cloud first” technology stance.
  • Vanquish dark IT in your business. The cloud makes your internal IT far more agile; this speed of delivery eliminates the need for empowered employees to buy cloud services on their own, along with the consequent cost and governance headaches.


Wingu is Africa’s first Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud computing platform – designed, built and hosted in South Africa. It was built with the latest open standards technology. We provide virtual servers, networks and storage – quickly, easily and cost-effectively. With our technology, you can build programmable infrastructure on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.

We are part of XON, the sub-Sahara African ICT group.