Event Date: 
Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Theme: Transforming education through technology

Venue: Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel, Sandton

In a globalised economy with a high degree of competition among countries, the success of a nation depends on the educational level of its workforce. This is true not only for those just entering or already integrated into the labour market but also for the unemployed, who may lack the qualifications required by the growing demands of a knowledge economy. Technology has the potential to transform education by extending the learning space beyond the four walls of a classroom. Although brick-and-mortar schools will continue to play a leading role in education over the coming decades, technology offers a variety of learning opportunities beyond the physical limits of school. With the current accelerated growth in mobile devices, we are already witnessing the emergence of flexible, open learning environments that enable contextual, real-time, interactive and personalised learning. The Format: The format of the event is interactive with roundtable discussions and case studies

Keynote Address by: Mr. Nicholas Krul - Sales Executive at XON, the address is at 12:20, representing WINGU