Lithium-ion battery technology has fundamentally changed the way alternative energy suppliers innovate solutions to overcome many of Africa’s business challenges

That is one of the points to emerge during the alternative energy track of the XON and NEC Summit recently held in Limpopo Province in August, which included Magnus Coetzee, MD of XON Alternative Energy (Pty) Ltd.
Lithium-ion batteries, the same technology used in mobile phones, electric vehicles and laptops, are overtaking lead acid batteries, which were developed in the 19th century, in many applications such as telecom backup, rural electrification, grid stabilisation and renewables integration.  

Distributed grid storage could slash Africa’s electricity infrastructure rollout costs

The total installed electricity generating capacity in 48 sub-Sahara African countries is roughly the equivalent of Spain, according to The World Bank. Frighteningly, as much as a quarter of that meagre supply is offline at any given time, due to poor maintenance and ageing infrastructure. Regardless, one in five sub-Sahara Africans simply do not have access to electricity and fewer than 40% of African countries will achieve universal access to electricity by 2050.
One of the challenges is the cost to build and then maintain infrastructure.

How small and medium businesses are changing the cloud service provider industry

Thomas Lee, GM of Wingu

Small and medium businesses (SMB) need innovative, complex, layered security in depth at the application level for their cloud-based applications and services in an emerging world of significantly ramped up global, and sophisticated distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber attacks.

XON and NEC host Bringing Tomorrow to Africa Today summit for African ICT leaders

XON and NEC are hosting their annual two-day summit at Legends Golf & Safari Lodge on August 18 and 19 this year.
The invitation-only summit last year attracted delegates from some of Africa’s largest and most respected organisations, including Telecom Namibia, Somtel, Baharicom, Teraco, South African Revenue Service (SARS), TN Mobile, Telkom, Vodacom, South Africa’s Department of Education, FNB, BT and others.

Smart cities are vulnerable but intelligent cities are safe and secure

Bertus Marais, head of XON’s public safety and security division

Advanced technologies must be used intelligently to make cities safer, Walter Lee told the audience at ITWeb’s Security Summit 2016.
XON, in concert with NEC Africa through its business partnership with the global NEC technology giant, was a Summit sponsor and Lee is responsible for the business strategy and operations of the Innovation Management Office (IMO) in the Global Safety Division of NEC Corporation.  

Midstream SUPERPSAR gives customers reliable pricing with Pricer from XON Retail

Midstream SUPERSPAR is using Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) for synchronised pricing between shelves and tills, rock-steady merchandising control, and rapid, automated price updates.
The store regularly receives 2 000 price updates, under the old paper label system some merchandisers would move competitor prices, and there were inconsistencies between shelf and till prices.

Pricer installations gain traction at BP forecourt Pick n Pay Express stores

Fourteen Pick n Pay Express stores at BP petrol stations have installed Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) since September 2015.
The number of Pick n Pay Express stores opening for business has escalated since last year leading to ramped-up Pricer installations.

Johnny Forbes benefits from Pricer in all three of his SPAR and TOPS stores

Johnny Forbes put Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) into all three of his SPARs and TOPS stores in the Western Cape.
But it wasn’t love at first sight. Johnny wavered for about two years from the time Pricer’s representatives first went to see him.
“Then I spoke to Johnny de Melim at Palm Sands SPAR, Lichtenberg in the North West and asked him what he thought of this pricing system,” says Forbes. “He said there are two things he’s glad he did: put in the Pricer system and the cash guard system at the tills. I had my answer.”

Education’s lessons point to business needs from cloud service providers

By Mark Harris, Marketing Director of XON
Education institutions are no different from traditional businesses when it comes to many of the challenges they face in today’s economy with the effects of digitisation and mobility.
Our wholly-owned business, Wingu, Africa’s first Ubuntu Certified Public Cloud computing platform, hosted an event for educators earlier in the month where they voiced common difficulties in today’s business environment.
Their top three difficulties:

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Please provide us with the following details

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